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By on December 23, 2014

This page lists all of the current projects, and is something I’ll try to keep up-to-date. If you have any questions please drop me a note.

Series Story Book Status Release
The Angus Murders Tom Guthrie 2 WIND DAMAGE Writing Q4 ’18
Aviation Thriller Andrew Stone 1 WINGS OF THE BLACK EAGLE Writing Q1 ’19
The Angus Murders Tom Guthrie 3 LAST ORDERS Outlining Q2 ’19
Aviation Thriller Andrew Stone 2 TBD Researching Q4 ’19
The Angus Murders TBD THE BLACKENING Researching Q2 ’20

Wind Damage
31% Complete
24,835 of 80,000 words

Wings of the Black Eagle
5% Complete
4,239 of 80,000 words


October 10, 2016:

Today is the 83rd anniversary of a tragic event, around which I have based much of the story of WINGS OF THE BLACK EAGLE. The book is now available for preorder here. Order now and receive first edition sponsor gifts. for more information on this particular project and why it’s available for preorder, take a look at this and this.

August 6, 2016:

Just some small tweaks to the projects table. I have realigned the projected release dates. This reflects the plan to have the second in the Tom Guthrie trilogy – WIND DAMAGE – released by the end of the year, along with the release of the first Andy Stone books early in 2017.

July 6, 2016:

This month’s update sees me nailing down a couple of things. First, the title of what was, until last night, the Aviation Mystery Series. The Andy Stone Series will feature a private detective who, in the first book, is approached by a man who claims that Hitler gaining control of the Reichstag, and a still unexplained mid-air bombing of an airliner over Ohio are linked. Not only that, Stone must solve the mystery to prevent another world war. The title is WINGS OF THE BLACK EAGLE, and I am excited about working on this story.

WIND DAMAGE, the second in the Tom Guthrie Trilogy is coming along too.

June 5, 2016:

I have begun outlining the first of the two historical aviation mysteries I have in the works. I had toyed with the idea that there may be an element of science fiction in them, but – for now – they will be in the thriller genre. Note that I have taken out the word historical from the table, but let’s just say, that may be somewhat misleading. The biggest decisions yet to be made are the details of the main character, so I’ll be working on him/her as I move through the outlining process. The two books, however, will be linked and either be a standalone pair (if there is such a thing), or the first two books of a new series.

The other big update is just to solidify what has been in my mind all along, and that is that the Tom Guthrie Trilogy will form part of a larger series. The working title for the series is The Angus Murders. What this means is that the characters you get to know in the trilogy will populate The Angus Murders.


Thanks to Ed James from whom I stole this idea,
who had nicked it from Hugh Howey.