Allan L Mann

Crime Fiction & Thriller Author
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About Allan
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The Characters
Some of the people who populate the books

Tom Guthrie

Tom Guthrie retired from Tayside Police, shortly before the formation of Police Scotland. He lives in Broughty Ferry and likes a good whisky.
His retirement was hastened by his unconventional policing methods. He's old-school, with a dry sense of humour, but a bit of a temper.
Guthrie prefers his own company.

Alisdair McEwan

Alisdair is a young, enthusiastic, second generation police constable. His inexperience is made up by his uncanny ability to quickly gather information, but he sometimes fails to see the wood for the trees. He is desperate to do some “real coppering,” and although he’s good with the paperwork, he’d rather get his hands dirty.

Jacquie Macintosh

Dr. Jacquie Macintosh hails from the northwest of Scotland and is head of the forensics lab in Dundee. She is intelligent, pretty, and speaks her mind. She doesn't like to waste time, especially her own. Because of this she has a tendency to push a situation to the breaking point.

Ian Buchanan

Inspector Ian Buchanan is currently the Inspector in Arbroath, but formally Guthrie's partner and boss in Dundee. Buchanan is the model of efficiency and doing things by the book. He runs a tight ship and doesn't do well with those who fail to meet his standards. He's never seen eye-to-eye with Guthrie.
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By on January 2, 2017

Here we go. I’ve always loved Lego and have fond memories of many hours spent in my room when growing up creating and recreating everything from cars to buildings. Back then, of course, there were no special pieces. No, we were lucky to have “roof” pieces. You know the ones: they were angled and smooth […]