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By on January 11, 2015

Series Book Released
Tom Guthrie Trilogy TOOLS OF THE TRADE May ’16
Tom Guthrie Short Story MURDER IN THE SMA’ GLEN Feb ’15
Tom Guthrie Short Story WRUNG OUT Jan ’15

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Tom Guthrie Trilogy

Tom Guthrie has recently retired from Tayside Police. He found life after the force difficult to deal with, so he started a private investigation company and is now consulting to the newly formed Police Scotland.

The amalgamation of the old regional forces has left Police Scotland short of resources in Serious Crimes. When the body of Bobby Gant, head of research and development for a local outdoor clothing manufacturer, is discovered tied to the rocks below the high tide line at the foot of the cliffs of Arbroath, Police Scotland find themselves with no-one to spare.

Guthrie’s former Chief Inspector calls him to lead the investigation.

His assignment is not well received by his former partner who now runs the local station. Guthrie’s liaison – Alisdair McEwan, a fresh-faced and sometimes over-enthusiastic officer, desperately wants to impress, but the pair run into a web of lies, and less than helpful colleagues of the murdered man. In the midst of his frustration with the lack of progress in the murder investigation, a fire in an empty warehouse kills a homeless man. This is dumped in Guthrie’s lap – and he’s not too pleased. The second investigation threatens to derail the murder case.

Guthrie now has to juggle two deaths, a young partner, an antagonistic boss, and an unexpected relationship.

Tools of the Trade is the first full-length outing for Tom Guthrie. Set in the atmospheric surroundings of Angus in the east of Scotland, the weather, the buildings, and the people all play their part to help – and hinder – Guthrie in his task of solving a murder.

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 A real who done it

“Enjoyed the mystery of this book all the way with interesting characters in the setting of the old fishing town of Arbroath.”
— Evelyn

 A Belter!

“A terrific read, keeps you guessing from the beginning. Guthrie is a complicated character that you can’t help but like. Can’t wait for the next one.”
— L M Grant


A Tom Guthrie Short Story

Tom Guthrie has retired from Tayside Police in eastern Scotland. While spending a weekend at an isolated hotel in the Sma’ Glen he is suddenly plunged into the middle of a mysterious death.

Used to leading the investigation can he just sit back and watch?

Murder in the Sma’ Glen is the second of two short story prequels leading to the publication of the first full-length Tom Guthrie novel in early 2015. It is based on the true story of a mysterious death.

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Another Fine Story
“In this second short outing for Tom Guthrie, we find him on a weekend break, getting involved int he mysterious death of a man at the hotel he’s staying at. The writing style is sharp and I was immediately drawn into the story. I can’t wait to read the upcoming novel featuring Guthrie.”
— John Carson, crime fiction author


A DS Tom Guthrie Short Story

Scottish Detective Sergeant Tom Guthrie gets results the old-fashioned way. He’s not one for being politically correct and doesn’t like the direction the force is taking.

Jock Bishop is attacked after walking his girlfriend home from a night out. He dies from the beating in the early hours of the morning. His girlfriend is the ex of a local thug. Is there a connection? Guthrie thinks so and uses old school methods to get the information he needs, but goes too far when using the same tactics with another witness.

Wrung Out is a short story prequel to the Tom Guthrie Trilogy which takes place in the county of Angus in eastern Scotland, set to debut later in the year.

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Reviews for WRUNG OUT:

 An Accidentally Found Short Story…
“The introduction to Tom Guthrie is a great wee read and can’t wait to see how the character develops
Thoroughly recommend this. ”
— Derek A. Murray

 A really good short story about the clash between old and new…
“Really good short story about the clash between old and new methods of policing. Looking forward to see how Guthrie survives in the upcoming books. ”
— Meisha

 Great Appetiser
“A well written short story introducing Tom Guthrie. Whets the appetite for the full novel and development of this character and his Tayside adventures. ”
— Lindsay Brown

 A Hit!
“As the description says, this is a short story, and the pace is fast, which I liked. Tom Guthrie is the main character, and I liked him a lot, right from the start. When I got to the end, I found myself wanting to carry on reading. The story is concluded, but I was enjoying reading about Guthrie that I wanted more. As an introduction to Guthrie, this story worked well for me. It is the perfect teaser. Now I can’t wait to read the first novel featuring him when it comes out. ”
— John Carson

 Angus’s answer to Rebus
“Excellent short story, can’t wait for the trilogy, another great Scottish crime novel. The Tayside scenery is a character in itself.”
— L M Grant

Four Stars
“This short story is the prequel for a soon to be published trilogy featuring DS Tom Guthrie of the Tayside police. Tom is an old fashioned copper who believes more in physical persuasion than the softly-softly approach of modern policing.
When local hood Jock Bishop is beaten to death, Tom employs his usual methods to gather clues & suspects. But for his boss, DI Ian Buchanan, it’s the last straw on a big pile of transgressions. They may solve the case but for Tom it will be a game changer.
Short stories are a difficult format. The author has little space & time in which to present characters, plot & setting. But somehow this author has managed to give us a remarkably well developed character & complete story in 43 pages.
From dialogue & tidbits from his personal life, we get a sense of who Tom is & what makes him tick. While the main plot line is resolved, Tom has reached a fork in the road & I look forward to picking up “Tools of the Trade” to see what he gets up to next.”