Allan L Mann

Crime Fiction & Thriller Author

On A Roll

By on January 13, 2018

I’m on a roll.

I have been in a positive groove since the start of the year. I have planned out the rest of the year, projects have been put on timelines and targets set.

I have sat at my desk, or on a plane, or in a hotel room, and written.

Two books to publish this year: Wind Damage, the second in the Tom Guthrie trilogy, and Wings of the Black Eagle, the new Andrew Stone thriller series. Also, a paperback of Tools of the Trade will be released with some updated content (click on the Projects link in the menu to find out more).

The most difficult part of my writing, and this is no secret, is that I am not a full-time author. I have a “real” job in private aviation which keeps me in front of a computer most of the day, so the writing must come, typically, at the end of a day, or during the weekend. Add the requirement to try and stay up with the social media posts, try to figure out how to raise awareness of the stories already out there, and be somewhat social with my family, and time certainly does slip by very quickly.

But I am writing and meeting my daily targets.

Yes, some of the promises I made last year were broken, regular podcasts, and blog posts, but I figured the most important things are the stories.

So, bring it on 2018. I’m on a roll.

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