Allan L Mann

Crime Fiction & Thriller Author

Bouchercon 2018

By on September 8, 2018

My first visit to Bouchercon has been an interesting one.

Between attending the various panel presentations and chatting with other attendees, I was fortunate to meet two of my writing inspirations: Ian Rankin (say no more), and Ed James. I imagine that if you read any crime fiction, you will know Ian. He is, arguably, the one author who has done more for Scotland-based crime fiction than anyone else in modern times. Ed James may not be a name you’ve come across. You may never have read one of his books. You need to change that.

Ed began, not too long ago, writing while commuting for an IT job. He quickly picked up a publishing deal and continues to produce high-quality and engaging material. Why, though, is he one of my inspirations? It has nothing to do with getting a book deal, but everything to do with his determination and stickwithitness as he pursued his passion. That dedication to his craft paid off, but it also serves as a fantastic example of the lengths to which authors go in order to get the story from their brain to the page.

My interactions with both Ian and Ed were limited to a handshake and a few words. Both will soon merge into a routine flood of handshakes and short conversations they’ve had with hundreds of other people this weekend.

For me, however – magic.

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